Protect Your Class Methods from Evildoers

With the advent of MooTools 1.2.2 comes the ability to mark Class methods as private protected. Let’s take a look at some code.

var Person = new Class({

  initialize: function(name){ = name;

  secret: function(){
    return 'I sometimes like girly drinks';
  }.protect(),  // <== MAGIC SAUCE

  describe: function(){
    return "Hi, I'm {name}. {secret}. I kid, I kid.".substitute({
      secret: this.secret()


var scott = new Person('Scott');

Notice the protect call on the secret method. It prevents outsiders from calling that method and believing false facts about that person.

The method “secret” cannot be called.

It can, however, be called from within an another method.

Hi, I’m Scott. I sometimes like girly drinks. I kid, I kid.

There you have it — a cool, new, undocumented feature available now in MooTools 1.2.2!

As I mentioned in my previous article, I have a working implementation of a Privates mutator (to privatize variables) for the latest version of MooTools, but I am waiting to see how post-initialization mutators will look in More. It’s something I’ve discussed at length with Aaron Newton, and hopefully will be available soon.

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